Our Wellness Destinations-

There is nothing more peaceful and cozy than having a tranquil experience closer to Mother Nature. India; a paradise of its own, origin of humble and powerful herbs, a perfect example of unity in diverse culture is a land of healing, wellness and cure.

Every territory in India has its own epic beauty and efficacy. Choosing the best for your health and being; AyurMir Tourism ensures to tie up with those centers that had been in Ayurvedic healing for years and works in natural methods. Our Wellness Centers and Treatment Centers are located in different states of India. We encourage you to plan a healthy and unique vacation, where you are redeemed, rejuvenated and repulsed.

We take sheer care of our clients and select perfect places to unwind, find peace of mind and focus on well being. Let’s tour to states that are counted as acreage of healthfulness.


Kerala- God’s own country; and origin of pure Ayurvedic treatment; it follows the ancient traditional Ashta Vaidya lineage even today. It is blessed by nature’s beauty, ample foliage, amalgamation of flora and fauna, and also perfect hub of Ayurvedic pharmacies makes Kerala as first choice of Wellness retreats.

A growing popularity of Ayurveda around the world is largely attributed to Kerala. It has its own bliss and genesis of various herbs that are used to cure even obstinate diseases.

Along with treatment, there is lot to see in and around Kerala. The south most state of India is covered with the beauty of ranges, hills, rivers, springs, waterfalls and backwaters. A trip to boat-house in narrowed back water is a worth experience one would love to relish. An evening at solemn vast sea beaches covered with acres of greenery.


At foothills of Himalayas, enriched with verdure and rare species of plants and herbs; it acquires natural beauty of the Himalayas, the Bhabhar and the Terai. Uttarakhand is also known as Devbhumi(Land of Gods) due to many Hindu temples and pilgrimage centres found throughout the state.

Combination of divinity and nature makes this place perfect for Yoga retreat, Meditation training and mindful exercises experience. An awe-inspiring view of Ganga flowing down from majestic Himalaya Mountain, sleeking into streaks between lushly green banks, flowing gently reviving the sins and rendering the promise to visit again.

The view of God’s amazing creation unwinds the tangled stresses, anxieties and worries leading to a tranquil and euphoric lifestyle. Uttarakhand makes another beautiful center of Ayurvedic treatment; a place one would love to re-visit to revitalize.


The third largest state and epitome of perfect cultured and modernize blended territory of India. It lies in western part of India covered with beautiful arrays of landscape-from longest shoreline to high mountains of Sahyadri range. One could enjoy the streams of springs tearing rocks and eagerly gushing down to conjoin with other streaks. Standing on peak of the hill, amidst the cloud, listening to whisper of breeze is one of the inimitable experience.

Our centers are nestled among the hills of this mountain range; far from rush and horns. Maharshtra has such beautiful destinations that it’s lush green and high hill tops tempts to leave behind your daily tiresome routine; prepares to adapt healthy, lively and flourishing way of living.


Another vibrant and colourful state of India,which is state of the kings and queens,palaces and monuments larger than life,sandy dessert landscapes.This state is most visited state by tourists of all nationalities.In today’s times it is also known to be welcoming Medical tourists.Huge and ultramodern medical facilities as well as traditional Indian medical institutions serve a large number of clients.

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