What are benefits of choosing a Wellness/Healthcare Tourism company over other online booking or tourist agents for Wellness trip booking?

Wellness & Healthcare Tourism facilitators/companies like AyurMir works with the treatment facility/wellness center, to closely monitor the entire process from first consultations till end of the tour: whereas the Online booking sites/travel agents only provide rates & online booking facility.


Wellness tourism companies guide & help you for the appropriate type of visa needed.


Wellness tourism companies guide to appropriate centers as per your Wellness & health needs. They also discuss all pros and cons as per your medical history; whereas normal tourist agents do not indulge in these queries. They also initiate the communications with the doctor and conveys your health concerns in advance before your arrival.


The Wellness Tourism companies like AyurMir also does a background check on qualification and quality of Wellness treatment center’s doctors and staff.


Whenever required, language interpreters are also arranged. They also arrange medical transcripts of your medical history into English or any other language.

Does my privacy and confidentiality of treatment remains protected?

Yes, absolutely. A confidentiality agreement is signed before your information is shared. Please read our Privacy Policy here.

What information do I get from AyurMir about my tour?

Information about how & when (best times) you can plan a Wellness Tour.

  1. A customized chart for your treatments and its estimate.
  2. Various options of centers/line of treatments or therapies/packages.
  3. Advise about stay, safety, vaccinations, medications, what-to-bring & what-to-do, shopping, sightseeing etc.
  4. Detailed itinerary, translated instructions about events, local culture.
  5. Customize your travel experience if you have special interest in India e.g. Ancient temples, wild life, bird watching, mountain treks etc.


Do I need a Medical Visa to avail Wellness Tourism in India?

No. Wellness trip does not require medical visa to India.


Medical Visa is needed only if you opt for admission in hospital and to stay for more than a month for long treatments. In case you opt for any surgical treatment and after surgery rejuvenation at Wellness destination, then you will require medical visa.


Is Ayurvedic Resort Different From Clinic?

Ayurvedic clinics in India are somewhat like hospital with a special regime and with only a small degree of freedom. To quote the difference. At hospitals there is no sea, and no swimming pool, though they have a TV set, refrigerator and air conditioners (although the notable fact is that these rooms are not conducive to effective treatments.) In Ayurvedic clinics, though the furnishing of rooms is simpler to the rooms in resorts, but the cost of Ayurvedic treatment is cheaper! The clinics not only strictly prohibits alcohol and tobacco, but also forbids seafood and meat dishes from the dinning meals. Moreover, at clinics, food will be served with the recommendations from the Ayurveda doctor and in limited options.


In the first week, breakfast will consist of healthy eatables like “Cow ghee” and not coffee with croissants. Also, in ayurvedic clinics, no fresh juices and food can be ordered. Often simple fruits like bananas and pineapples will also not be available—only the doctor’s recommended fruits. One of the facts, no Ayurvedic clinics are rated a star. Generally, a star is analysed in accordance with hotels having international standards, availability of swimming pools, televisions, air conditioners or bars.


Here these conditions are not taken into account — everything in Ayurvedic clinics serve exclusively for maximum effectiveness of treatment. Therefore, if you have chronic diseases, including those that are recognized as incurable by Western medicine — here you are!
Ayurvedic resorts, unlike ayurvedic clinics, are built on the shore of a sea or lake, so that not only Ayurveda, but nature itself work on the lines of harmonization. Here, a simple sea breeze and the noise of waves combined with the endless blue sea and green plant crowns also have a strong calming and healing effect. Once in the Ayurvedic resort, you can (in contrast to the clinic) sunbathe in a hammock or on the beach, swim in the sea or pool, or, for example, use a tea set, refrigerator or TV. The trip here can be compared with a classic trip to a sanatorium, that is, for the treatment and prevention of diseases. And daily Ayurvedic procedures, yoga and special meals are harmoniously combined here with the opportunity to go on excursions or for souvenirs. Therefore, a trip to Ayurvedic resort is “five in one” — that is rest, treatment, prevention, excursions, and shopping. However, since the Ayurvedic resorts have a large green area and often located in the first line by the sea, and the rooms are separate cottages instead of a building, the cost of ayurvedic packages here is often more expensive than in clinics. The food here is also organized strictly in Ayurveda — this is a buffet divided into “doshas”, which includes fruits and vegetables and fresh juices.


All ayurvedic resorts (as well as clinics) also have powerful Ayurvedic centres with professional doctors and the same effective methods of treatment. Here they usually come to the following programs:

  1. Panchakarma (Cleansing the body of toxins and restoring harmony and balance);
  2. Slimming;
  3. Rejuvenation;
  4. Anti-stress;
  5. Longevity.


All these ayurvedic programs are classic and authentic. Procedures in the “four hands” and lasting at least 90 minutes. Here, do not make a “light” Ayurveda . Here everything is subject to the laws and rules of Ayurvedic science. Here you will never see idle holidaymakers — 99% of those who come here want to return home in a couple of weeks, with lost weight up to 10 kg or having become younger by 10 years in health. And this is possible for almost everyone!

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