Let’s Get Aware With Detox Fact Sheet

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Humans are one of an inimitable creation in universe. Every morning while we get ready for our daily chores, we fundamentally never tried to find what exactly is happening within our body’s constitution. How much unnecessary fats are cushioning our tissues, how many junk toxins are deteriorating our digestive system and how many acid refluxes are generating burps?


Pause folks and realise! It’s high time where you need to check your physique and extract the unhealthy out. Just as a continuous working engine needs maintenance by oiling, similarly our body and mind need restoration beyond our daily aliment. It is important for a body to be detoxified ones in a while.


Benefits of Detoxification:

1. Eliminate toxins and keep healthy:

Health experts say that toxic load (the amount of toxins our body is able to handle) is responsible for many diseases in modern day society. Consuming organic produce (fruits and vegetables), along with other organic nutriment can decreases the amount of toxins and prevents bad health in a vulnerable stage of old age.

2. Enhance energy everyday:

After few days of detoxification many people experience improved and more sustained energy during and after a detox diet. A good detox should indulge in adequate intake of hydration with clean water.

3. Delays aging and keeps lively:

Aging, which is an irreversible process can be regularized or delayed with regular detoxification. It boosts antioxidants which reduces the toxin level in the body. This further saves enhances good microbes in body and delays aging.


However, detoxing body alone doesn’t aid much, it is also important to detox mind and soul too. Yoga is the only exercise that works well to detox mind as well as calm the physical fatigue. Ayurveda describes, mind has separate existence and it needs detoxification too.


These can be done with practice of certain Yoga poses primarily Pranayamas (Breathing techniques), Mudras and Bandhas. These Yoga techniques help in developing right vibrations that further flows the energy through the embodiment of an individual.


Another powerful detoxification technique of nasal irrigation (Jala Neti), enema (Basti), and the Stomach wash (Kunjal) are some of the most effectual ways to prevent disease and ageing.


It is a peak time when man realizes the wonders behind his own body. In the midst of competition and advancing life, we forget that we are becoming the victim of this socio-environmental stress and unintentionally subside the importance of health and age. One should prepare their body to resist these stresses and regenerate life to live longer at an advanced age.


“Detoxing the body to find inner harmony. Dispense with moderation food to the body and to the mind repose.”- Osho Times

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