The ancient Indian Medicine and health science- Ayurveda is growing its popularity all over world due to its holistic and peaceful approach to health. Ayurveda Treatment is proven to provide an efficient preventive-curative individualistic approach that sedates deleterious lifestyle and welcomes a euphoric manner of living.

Ayurveda is an integral part of Atharv Veda, the sacred texts over 5000 years old and is the oldest health science holy book. It has detailed ayurvedic explanation of Medicine, Gynaecology-Obstetrics, Paediatrics, ENT,Surgery, Toxicology, Psycology,Dermatology, Immunology & Preventive medicines etc.

An Ayurvedic Wellness treatment approaches following health diagnosis and methods:

1. Detailed analysis of the patient

We take many and minutiae details from a person’s lifestyle into consideration for the analysis before treatment schedules are planned:


  • Prakriti – Basic constitution of the patient.
  • Vikriti – The history, causes, body nature and stages of the disease.
  • Bal – The strength of the tissues of the body.
  • Samhanana – Composition of the basic elements and tissues of the body.
  • Pramana – Measures of the bodily and mental components.
  • Saatmya/Asatmya – Compatibility, with respect to diet and lifestyle habits of the patient.
  • Satva – Mental status and values and belief systems.
  • Ahara Shakti – Food intake & digestive capacity.
  • Vyayama Shakti – Capacity to perform physical activities.
  • Desa – The region the person belongs to.v
  • Kala –The seasons and their effect on the state of health.
  • Vaya –Age.
  • VihaarThe habits or lifestyle
  • DoshaBasic body constituents as described in Ayurveda

Unlike Modern medicine methodology that looks through past history of illness and lab investigations to consult line of treatment; Ayurveda considers a holistic understanding of physical and mental stature of person and also their state of health and disease.

2. Individual Customised Approach

Realizing that each individual and their entity is unique; the treatment program for each patient is individualized. Based on their persona and body culture; Ayurvedic treatment varies even if different people have same disease to be treated.

For ex: treatment given to one person for joint pain may vary from other person who is having similar joint pain.

3. Therapeutic intervention

Doctors and expertise do a profound diagnosis. They ensure to drill each body aspects that could be related to patient’s disease. Cumulating complete results of the analysis; doctor consults course of treatment with the patient. The Intervention would comprise of one or more of the following.

  • Advice on Dietary Management Lifestyle management/modification.
  • Counseling and stress management.
  • Prescription for Ayurvedic medicines / Supplements.
  • Prescription for Allopathic medicines where deemed necessary after consultation with Allopathic specialists.
  • Prescription for Yoga / Physiotherapy / Fitness session
  • Panchakarma procedures as advised by physician

4. Dietery Management advice

Ayurveda results best when it collated with proper dietary management. A conventional food and dietary management act as catalyze to Ayurveda treatments. It is considered as an integrated part in Ayurveda. The diet could diverse according to the type of medication we ensue into. There could be particular diet for hypertension, calorie restricted diet and different diet for weight loss. It helps in preventive and curative both ways.

5. Life Style Management

Living a healthy well being in an avant-garde world is no more an option, rather a necessity. In our Wellnes program, we understand that the person wants to bring some positive alterations in his lifestyle to live healthier and longer.

Improper daily routine, lack of exercise, stiff and monotonous work are some of apprehending factors that welcomes unwanted disease in lives. Working on lifestyle management eventually eradicates lifetime’s lifestyle diseases. This is also one of the most advised holistic treatment approach given to patients.

Our physicians at different centers help clients in planning their daily regime, adapting to various seasonal variations and by making small modifications in their daily activities that will bring amazing results in certain course of time.

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