Ayurveda has blessed us with multiple, effective and harmless treatments and medications. Viddha Karma is one of the eight Shastrakarma as defined in Sushrut Samhita.

Viddha Karma also known as Vedhan; is treatment of puncturing or piercing certain points that reduces pain. It acts as pain reliever by releasing Endorphin that helps to reduce pain in body. This is how it can be explained in contemporary Medical language.

How it works?

Viddha is a sterile procedure of puncturing or piercing selected points with special hollow viddha needles. The immune system response this treatment by releasing endorphin that helps to reduce pain.

It is implied to give an instant and acute pain relief. It doesn’t require any internal medication as an additive to enhance its effect.

Viddha and Siravedha(bloodletting) is a part of Ayurvedic treatment along with other Ayurvedic treatments.

Many get confuse Viddha as an Acupuncture method. The principles used in Viddha are entirely different than Acupuncture. Viddha points are in relation to Marma points and uses particular viddha hollow needles for treatment. Viddha points are based on cell morphology as defined in Vaisheshik Darshan, a branch of philosophy accepted in Ayurveda.

Benefits of Viddha:

  1. It is a counter irritant without dermal allergies.
  2. Releases endorphins and enzymes that relieve pain.
  3. It indulge with scientific method of generating local static electricity generated that leads to polarisation on cellular level, inducing microcurrents; thereby moving metabolite waste products from cells to channels of transportation.
  4. Most cost-effective treatment for Patient and Physician too.
  5. It is an OPD procedure, where patient doesn’t need to be hospitalized.


It is a combined procedure of Viddha karma and Agnikarm.

It involves the treatment with needles and fire. Expert Ayurvedic doctors use this method to give instant pain reduction.

This treatment is also self-sufficing and doesn’t need any other internal medicines to support.

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